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Status of ABL Bio’s funds

ABL Bio’s surplus funds are held in bank deposit, etc..
In accordance with K-IFRS(Korean International Financial Reporting Standards), they are presented in financial statement as cash and cash equivalents, financial assets at fair value through profit or loss, etc..

The status of ABL Bio’s funds in the last three years is as follows.

(Unit: million KRW)

Status of ABL Bio’s funds list
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents25,13528,06413,854
Short Term Financial Instruments7,6048,0102,694
Financial assets at fair value through P/L45,57135,07536,627
Non-Current Assets
Financial assets at fair value through P/L27,6342,7422,732
Other Matters
Total amount of Funds Held105,94473,89155,907

Statement of Financial Position

(Unit : million KRW)

FY 2017, FY 2018, 2019.Q3 list
As of December 31.2022(Consolidated)As of December 31.2023(Consolidated)As of March 31.2024(Consolidated)
Current Assets80,53575,53956,459
Non-Current Assets104,64684,60584,299
Total Assets185,181160,144140,758
Current Liabilities72,17341,76032,725
Non-Current Liabilities43,49544,30544,225
Total Liabilities115,66886,06576,950
[Controlling interests]69,51374,07963,808
Capital Stock23,89423,94623,946
Other Capital384,716392,378393,936
Accumulated other comprehensive income37100242
Retained Earnings(339,134)(342,345)(354,316)
[Non-controlling interests]---
Total Equity69,51374,07963,808
Total Equity & Liabilities185,181160,144140,758

Income Statement

(Unit : million KRW)

FY 2017, FY 2018, 2019.Q3 list
For the year ended December 31, 2022(Consolidated)For the year ended December 31, 2023(Consolidated)For the year ended March 31, 2024(Consolidated)
Operating Revenue67,30165,5477,937
Operating Expenses66,39368,16422,215
Operating Profit908(2,617)(14,278)
Financial Income6,5987,0692,243
Financial Expenses6,9715,787134
Other non-operating Income2,69815207
Other non-operating Expenses241,3279
Income before income taxes3,209(2,647)(11,971)
Net Profit(Loss)3,209(2,647)(11,971)
Owners of Parent3,209(2,647)(11,971)
Non-controlling interests---
Other comprehensive income229(501)142
Total comprehensive income3,438(3,148)(11,829)
Earnings per share(Unit: KRW)67(55)(11,829)