Protein Engineering Research Engineer
2022-01-18 ~ 2022-08-31Recuritment deadline

□ Responsibilities


 - Antibody drug research practice (cell-based experiment design, conduct and analysis / cytotoxicity evaluation / mechanism of action research)


 - Protein engineering practice (antibody/protein cloning, expression, purification, physicochemical analysis)


 - Research and analysis of research trend data


□ Qualifications and preferences


 - Education: Ph.D. holder or prospective graduate


 - Major: Antibody Engineering, Protein Engineering, Pharmacy, Oncology Biology, Immunology, Structural Biology, etc. related majors


 - Experience: 5 years or more in related fields


 - Job-related technology: antibody/protein design


                            Antibody screening and discovery


                            Drug activity and mechanism study using cancer cell lines


                            Studies using FACS, fluorescence microscopy


                           Protein purification using a chromatography system


                           Protein expression in eukaryotic cell systems such as CHO and HEK293


                           Protein characterization using HPLC, LC/MS


 - Preferred: Antibody engineering research experience (thesis, patent) and thesis publication performance


             Expertise in the use/operation of analytical instruments (LC/MS, HPLC, OCTET, SPR) for protein physicochemical analysis


             Operation of high-performance flow cytometry equipment


             Antibody/protein conjugate production and analysis


             Membrane protein research such as GPCR


             Proficient in working English (e-mail, technical documentation)​​ 

Immuco-oncology Research Engineer
Early Research Development Research Engineer