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ABL Bio is one of the world's leading biotech research companies focusing on the development of therapeutic drugs for immuno-oncology & neurodegenerative diseases.

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Our vision is to become the world’s leading biotechnology company with innovative platforms and pipelines.


Bispecific antibody platform.
Our core values are life-improvement, collaboration, innovation and novel therapy.


ABL Bio is the first biotech company in Korea with a bispecific antibody platform that is undergoing clinical trial.

CNS Disease

CNS Disease

A bispecific antibody platform with robust penetrative ability through the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) as a treatment to various neurodegenerative diseases

The Grabody B platform targets insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R) to function as a BBB shuttle



Bispecific antibody to address current limitations of PD-(L)1 checkpoint inhibitors

Minimize the systemic toxicity associated with 4-1BB based immunotherapy, increase low reponse rates and overcome the resistance observed with traditional PD-(L)1 therapy



Developing antibody drug conjugates (ADC) with an improved therapy index

Challenging the development of rare blood cancer treatments with ADC drug candidates that have better in vivo pharmacokinetic parameters

ablbio History

History of ABL Bio

  • 11

    First dosed in phase 1 clinical trial of ABL103 in Korea

  • 08

    ABL103 Phase 1 clinical trial IND approved by MFDS

  • 07

    Article about ABL111 published in JITC

  • 03

    ABL503 Phase 1 clinical trial IND approved by MFDS

  • 12

    First dosed in Phase 1 clinical trial of ABL301

  • 11

    Article about ABL301 published in Cell Reports Methods

  • 05

    Article about ABL501 published in Molecular Therapy

  • 03

    ABL111 received Orphan-Drug Designation

  • 01

    Signs licensing agreement with Sanofi

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