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ABL Bio to Present New Preclinical Data on 'Grabody-B' at BBB Summit


- Oral presentation on the mechanism and application of Grabody-B, an IGF1R-mediated BBB shuttle

- ABL expects IND submission of ABL301, a Grabody-B-applied bispecific antibody targeting alpha-synuclein, in 2022


June 28, 2021 - ABL Bio, Inc. (KOSDAQ: 298380), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing bispecific antibody platforms for immuno-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases, today announced it will share new preclinical data on its ‘Grabody-B’ platform at the 3rd Annual Blood-Brain Barrier Summit, held online June 28-30, 2021.


Grabody-B is a bispecific antibody platform that targets the human insulin like-growth factor receptor (IGF1R), primarily expressed in brain endothelial cells, to maximize BBB penetration of antibodies. Its lead molecule, ABL301, a bispecific antibody targeting alpha synuclein to treat Parkinson’s disease, showed 13-fold higher brain penetration compared to an anti α-syn monoclonal antibody in non-human primates. Its PK analysis also showed sustained penetration over time with good safety profiles.


“Grabody-B is gaining recognition as a next-generation BBB shuttle platform that is distinguished from other platforms that target the transferrin receptor,” said Sang Hoon Lee, PhD, CEO of ABL Bio. “With growing interest in BBB-penetrating technology following the FDA’s approval of Biogen’s aducanumab, we expect to exchange productive interactions on current trends regarding the global CNS drug market and research and development.”


Highlights of the presentation include:


- Various therapeutic antibodies fused with Grabody-B showed higher CNS exposure than monoclonal antibodies in both rodents and non-human primates, proving Grabody-B’s versatile applicability

- The relation between the improved CNS exposure and pharmacodynamic effect was well-established in both rodents and non-human primates

- ABL301 showed better efficacy than anti-a-syn monoclonal Ab in both Parkinson’s Disease and MSA models



About ABL Bio 

ABL Bio, Inc. (KOSDAQ: 298380) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing antibody therapeutics for immuno-oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. With internal R&D and global partnerships, ABL has developed multiple BsAb platforms, such as ‘Grabody-T,’ ‘Grabody-I’ and ‘Grabody-B’ and built an innovative pipeline of multiple clinical and pre-clinical stage drug candidates. In the oncology area, we have developed Grabody-T, a modular 4-1BB engaging platform that has demonstrated superior efficacy and safety. In the neurodegenerative disorder space, we have developed Grabody-B, which is designed to maximize blood-brain barrier(BBB) penetration. Grabody-B is applicable to various CNS targets across a plethora of neurological disorders, potentially providing a breakthrough to address the high unmet medical needs in neurodegeneration. For more information, please visit


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